Open a Custom Apparel Store

Don't have any products to sell? Would you like to sell top quality athletic gear like the store below - personalized for you or your school?

When you setup the apparel store as a fundraiser you can earn 17% of every sale. NO INVENTORY REQUIRED!!!

Hoopsynergy has partnered with one of the leading sportswear companies, Prep Sportswear, to give you your very own, personalized sports apparel store. More than 1,200 customizable products and thousands of designs – all for you. Just look at the products they offer in our own Hoopsynergy store. Click the image below! You can have the same store at no charge!
How does this benefit your organization?

It's FREE and it's easy to setup!
There's no cost to open or maintain your store and you can setup your store in about five minutes.

No inventory to manage
Each product is made to order right at Prep Sportswear and sent directly to the customer. You won't get stuck with a garage full of items waiting to be sold.

Receive up to 17%
Receive 7% automatically and get up to 10% more by adjusting prices in your store.

Products people want
Your fans and members can choose from more than 1,200 unique items to customize and personalize.

How do I open my store?

• Login to your web site's Admin section
• Click on the Custom Apparel Store menu option under the Resources section.
• Click the Sign Up Link on that page and complete the form
All you need to do next is add your new Store Name in the Navigation Manager section and link it directly to your store website address (which you will receive after completing the sign up form).

Please note you will also need a free PayPal account. PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online. Any money you receive through fundraising can be transferred directly to your free PayPal account. Then from PayPal, you can choose how to manage your funds. Visit Paypal for more information or to open a free account today.

How do I collect my funds?

• Sign into your Prep Sportswear Account
Under your "Fundraising Program” tab any funds in the "Available for Transfer" window can be transferred to your PayPal account.
• Enter the amount of available funds you'd like to move.
• Click "Transfer

How does it work?

As a fundraiser, you are eligible to receive a percentage of every sale you send our way using the fundraising tools we provide. You will be eligible to receive 7% of every sale and you can choose to raise prices by 5% or 10%. The proceeds from this price increase will go directly to your fundraiser. You can transfer funds from your PayPal account as often as every 30 days. Just spread the word about your fundraiser!